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What Do Your Shoes Say About Your Personality?

You’ll probably think twice about what shoes you use after reading this: research at the School of Might found that individuals can size you up just by looking at your shoes. Scientists captured 200 men and women and the sneakers they were dressed in. Then, volunteers seemed at the images, and thought key character characteristics about the shoes person wearing them. Like whether they were an extrovert, introvert, traditional, or hippy. The result? 90% of their forecasts printed the shoes owners’ self-described character. Showing that you can assess an individual by their footwear! So, how can you read an individual based on their footwear? Here are a few results from the shoes study: Vibrant shoes are supposed to be to extroverts. Careful individuals like clean shoes. Competitive individualities use foot shoes. And individuals who love simple shoes are usually single. Scientists say that’s because dressed in, say, simply tan loafers, delivers the content that you’re not trying to thrill a potential partner.


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