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Love At First Glance

When they were 36 months old, Amy Giberson and Bieber Pounders distributed a “shy” romantic endeavors at Sunlight Pre-school in St. Petersburg, California – they designed prevents together, sat next to each other during the afternoon meal and performed tag on the play place.

But like many first likes, their time together was short lived. They increased up, went to different educational institutions and consequently didn’t remember about each other.

That is until Three years later, when Giberson, 33, and Pounders, 33, were combined on, an internet based relationship services web page. And after a season of relationship, the several noticed they had once been child years sweethearts in their neighborhood of St. Petersburg.

Love At First Sight
Although it’s been three years since Giberson and Pounders remaining Sunlight Pre-school, former proprietor and instructor From Twar clearly recalls their liking for one another.

“They had getaway with each other,” Twar informs PEOPLE. “It was a basic, timid romantic endeavors. They liked each other from very far, it was a fresh really like, like a lovely grind, you know? They was adament on seated next to each other in our university image.”

Giberson and Pounders finished pre-K and went to different primary, center and excellent educational institutions – with remembrances of that first grind gradually disappearing.

Amy and Justin

Courtesy Amy Giberson

Pounders went on to be present at California Condition School in Tallahassee and Giberson went to School of Southern California in Polk.

But at the age of 32, both discovered themselves long ago again in St. Petersburg – individual and looking for really like.

A Contemporary Love Story
Even though he didn t identify his old fire, Pounders messaged Giberson the time he came across her image last Nov on the relationship web page.

“I saw her image and for unkown reasons, was immediately interested in her,” he informs PEOPLE. “She just had an excellent power, you could tell. I can’t describe it, but I noticed I had to get to know this lady.”

The two began text messaging and contacting each other every evening – not aware that they already noticed each other – and organized their first time frame at a regional cafe.

“Of course, at that time, we still didn’t know we had been pre-K sweethearts, but when we met up and we hugged, it was like I had known him my whole lifestyle,” Giberson informs PEOPLE. “When I first saw him, It seemed like I was gazing at the man I was going to get married to.”

The two saw each other every day after that and they immediately dropped for each other.

Remembering the Past
It wasn’t until two several weeks ago – almost exactly a season after their first time frame – that the several discovered they had known each other as children.

Giberson says the two increased up in the same place but had no common buddies, and they didn t think they had ever run into one another.

“We were in the car and Bieber gently described that he liked my name because he had had a grind on a lady known as Amy in his preschool,” she says. “Then I laughed to him, ‘Well, it’s not me, so I don t want to know about her!’ ”

Amy and Bieber on vacation

Courtesy Amy Giberson

But when they provided the text that they had both joined Sunlight Pre-school at the actual same time, Giberson noticed Justin’s grind might have actually been her.

“We requested our mother and father to dig up any preschool images they had,” she says. “Justin’s mom discovered a photograph of the two of us together and I just began weeping, I was delighted. I was the Amy he had liked all those years ago! It was definitely intended to be.”

A Permanently Crush
The several points out a “higher power” as the real purpose behind their really like arriving complete group.

“Someone or something definitely created the decision we weren’t expected to get in touch until now,” says Pounders. “We’ve been so near to discovering each other this whole time but didn’t until plenty of there was a time right. And that’s now.”

Justin and Amy at a football game

Courtesy Amy Giberson

Although Pounders is still patiently waiting for the best time pop the query, the several has already selected out a time frame for the marriage and a honeymoon holiday identify.

“We’re doing everything in reverse, but we don’t good care. We’re best buddies for each other,” says Giberson. “And obviously we always have been.”

“It was intended to be,” Pounders confirms.


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