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Beware of new Long Island speed dating player

I felt compelled to write this after hearing about people getting ripped off on other Long Island speed dating events as a new player is looking to come to town.  I will not name names, but do want to alert you to what they are doing.

Of course, Id love for you to check out a Long Island speed dating event,  but if you don’t, I want you to at least go to another reputable company.  Unfortunately a new player has come to town and is applying some shady tactics.
Rescheduling events sometimes does happen.  Its rare, but sometimes last minute things happen with people cancelling last minute, weather etc and an event needs to be rescheduled last minute.    If one of my events needs to be rescheduled for any reason, we encourage you to come to the make up date, but if you can not make it or another, we will offer you a refund.  It was not your fault that event was rescheduled and if the only recourse is a refund,

What is not ok is using rescheduling events as a marketing tactic. 

So what this other company is doing it setting up lots of events with similar age groups very close together in date proximity.  Some of the event dates are intentionally phony listing venues that have not confirmed these events.  This is being done to get people to register for fake events that were never intended to take place to begin with.  The day before the speed dating company lets the registrant know that the event is being rescheduled and offers them a credit to another event.

They then refuse to offer any type of refund and say that its against our policy and you can only have a credit.

Hello???  Do we see whats wrong here?  The speed dating company rescheduled the event (which was fake to begin with, but the registrant did not know it was fake) and then refuses to offer a refund, and only a credit.

How you avoid being conned?

  1.  It is very difficult to do the same age group or something very very similar too close to together in date proximity.  The events need to be spread out by about a month to build up enough demand for people to come.

    If you see a similar age group posted by company consecutive weeks in a row, this may be a tip off.  Again, I stress May.

  2. Most importantly-  If dealing with a new speed dating company, ask what the policy is if an event is rescheduled.  If the company says you can only have a credit to another event, you should RUN.  They are the one who rescheduled. If the reschedule date is not good for you, you should be eligible to get a refund.


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