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Policy on Age Groups for Speed Dating

What if I’m older/younger than the posted ages for an event?

If you are within 2 YEARS of the posted age group, you are welcome to attend.    For non  speed dating events (e.g. Speed Bowling etc), the grace period is 2 YEARS.

Example:  If the top age says 49 for example, you can be 51 and still attend a regular speed dating.

Why do you require proof of age at the events?  No other company does!

We do not believe it is fair to advertise one thing and deliver something else.  Other companies do not care and have a policy of “if you don’t tell, we won’t tell”, or “that is childish, we are all adults.”

The first thing people want to know when inquiring about an event is “how old are the attendees going to be.”    One of the primary complaints people express about other events is that the ages of the attendees are not as advertised, or that multiple age group events are combined into one, thus leaving the participant feeling cheated. This will not happen at a event. If you lie about your age, you will not be allowed to participate and will not receive a refund or credit towards another event.

Other Frequently asked question

Q: Why are most of your events structured so the men are older than the women? This is very unfair!!

A: We can not agree with you more.. It is not fair and in a perfect world, the ages of the participants would not matter.  However 80% of the guys we chat with are seeking women who are younger, where 50% of the ladies we speak with are looking for men who are a bit older.  This is why the age brackets are structured the way they are. We have tried to hold events where the ages are the same for men and women, however the turnout suffered. We do hold some non-speed dating events that are open to all ages, or where the ages are equal.


  1. admin says:

    Emailed received
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Mark
    Sent: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 6:28 pm
    Subject: Speed dating event for April

    Hey, Jay

    I just registered for the speed dating event at Mustang Harry’s for men ages 42 to 56.

    I have attended a few speed dating events in the past and I must tell you they did not check for age verification.

    I have had a number of successful dates and all went well…I do seem to get picked by a number of women…I was anywhere from 1 year to 4 years over the recommended age.

    I noticed that you will need proof of age for your event…I did not realize that until I looked at the confirmation more closely.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I was born on March 19th, 1954…that makes me 59 years old.

    I must admit I am interested in meeting a woman a bit younger than me…I frankly do not see me ending up with a woman my age!
    I believe I am a very young 59…Not many people get my age when they first meet me. I would also consider myself a successful business man…I believe I have had a productive career.

    I was considering trying to come up with an id that shows my age 2 years younger so I could qualify for this event, but I don’ think I am up to that type of behavior.

    I was wondering if you would make an exception for me at this event…I am sure you will not be disappointed, but I guess you will just have to take me at my word.
    I have been told I am a likeable, kind of outgoing guy who gets along with most people.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter…hope to hear from you.

    Our reply:

    Hi Mark, got your email. I really do understand your concerns, but we really run things differently here. It is just not fair to advertise something and deliver something else. We do give 18 months as a grace period, but really believe in being honest.

    Most companies really do not care. Why turn away $$?? People come to our events for a number of reasons, one being that we really do take a hard line on the ages.

    We do have some events that cover your bracket. Hope you will consider those. In the meantime I went ahead and processed a refund.

    Hope you can understand. Once people get to the event, age goes right out the window, but in order to get people to register, they want to know how old the participants are that are coming.


  2. admin says:

    Email Received
    From: Andrea
    Sent: Monday, April 01, 2013 6:08 PM
    Subject: RE: Singles Schedule/ New policy on age groups

    I still do not agree with your age policy.
    Of course most men want younger women. They think they are studs & have been this way since the beginning of time.
    You say most women want older men & that is only true for young women in their 20s or 30s, because they want to find a mature man not acting like a child.

    But if you canvas women 45-59, they are not looking for older men, because (most) older men just want sex and a woman to cook for them…(of course this is just my opinion)

    If you take another survey & break it down into age groups, you will find that older women do not want older men.
    I am 57 years old & look like I am about 45 (I am told). Forcing me into a group of older men who don’t take pride in how they look & who don’t want to do too much is boring to me & that’s why I have not been at your events.

    My feeling is that you should even out the age groups after 45. Make the age range exactly the same for men & women & sometimes overlap the age groups.
    Well that is just my opinion.


    I appreciate your feedback and hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately from the business perspective, it just does not work. Have tried to do the age groups exactly the same in the past and had plenty of women, just virtually no men.

    Thanks again for writing. We do have some events that have no age group or some non speed dating events where the ages are equal.


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